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Nuclear Medicine Department


Quarkmed is committed to leading the development of nuclear medicine clinical research in China with the ecological concept. Quarkmed inherits the core service concept of "Grow Together, Success After” by integrating domestic and foreign nuclear medicine resources in various fields. Quarkmed focuses on radiopharmaceuticals, radiation therapy and imaging, and isotope tracer and provide professional and efficient nuclear medicine clinical research services for domestic and oversea radioactive diagnosis and treatment products. From registration to clinical operation, further to commercialization, Quarkmed has become the most reliable partner for nuclear medicine clinical research services in China.


Clinical project experience (including but not limited to):

  • Breast cancer (Diagnostics)

  • Alzheimer's disease (Diagnostics)

  • Pulmonary carcinoma (Diagnostics)

  • Bone metastases (Diagnostics)

  • Myocardial perfusion (Diagnostics)

  • Cerebral colloid carcinoma

  • Prostatic cancer

  • Hepatic cancer

  • Endocrine neoplasm

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